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Crypto Lions

based in Ukraine

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Dear EOS.io Community,

Crypto Lions is a team of long-time friends, business partners, and crypto enthusiasts. We're based in Ukraine, and will very likely spend the next part of our careers building EOS applications. We want to support and participate in the community to the greatest extent possible. Hopefully, we offer technical expertise and geographical diversity to the pool of block producers. Thank you for your consideration. More details coming soon.

Crypto Lions

Crypto Lions - Policy Positions & Code of Conduct

The Jungle Testnet

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As of April 19th, our Jungle Testnet has produced TWO MILLION blocks!

2000000 blocks on jungle testnet

Welcome to the Jungle. 🦁


Sophrosyne Inspired by Eos being the ancient Greek goddess of the Dawn, sophrosyne is an ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, prudence, purity, and self-control.

Respect To everyone. Always. This begins with respect for the EOS community and its constitution.

Competence Meeting the technical, organizational, and legal demands of EOS block producers.

Integrity Being honest with others and with ourselves. Doing what we say we'll do.

Our Team

Bohdan Kossak

Bohdan Kossak

Founder, IT, Strategy


  • Head of IT, Ericpol (acquired by Ericsson)
  • Runner up, All-Ukrainian Olympiad in informatics
  • BettingBlocks, Block777, BTC Miner Prediction Lotteries
  • Whomined.com, BTC Block Explorer
  • geroj.com (> 15 M visitors)
  • LTC & BTC Mining Operations
Roman Skaskiw

Roman Skaskiw

co-Founder, Strategy, Communications

Ukraine - U.S.



Advisor, Development

Ukraine - Singapore

  • Founder/CEO, Relote
  • Customer Success Specialist, GlobalSign.in
Vladimir Izmalkov

Vladimir Izmalkov



  • Head of IT, Visiprise (acquired by SAP)
  • SAP Lab, Ukraine
  • Head of IT, Atlantic Group
  • Bitcoin Mining Operations
  • Expert in virtualized environments
Sudip Banerjee

Sudip Banerjee

Operations, Business Development

Ukraine - India

  • CTO, IT Infrastructure and Corporate surveillance systems, ITX security LLC
  • Deployed IT Projects in Ukraine, UAE, Germany
  • Sales, Deployment and MRO of Security systems to Banking and Oil Industries
  • Paytomat
  • Security Audit, Arcelor Mittal
  • English/Russian/Ukrainian/Hind-Bangla


dApp Developer


    Jungle Testnet
    Jungle Testnet Telegram Group: https://t.me/jungletestnet

    Email: roar@cryptolions.io