The CryptoLions WAX guild

* A public website URL

* A link to at least one active social media account or blog

* Official WAX Guild candidate name


* Location of company headquarters


* Expected location of servers

Germany, Finland

* Type of servers (cloud, bare metal, etc)

bare metal

* Current employee list and pictures


* Relevant background qualifications

Long time EOSIO block producers. Creators and curators of EOS’s Jungle Testnet. Former head of IT and long time software development experience.

* Tech specs, including an estimate of technical specifications and total expenditure for resources to the WAX Blockchain.

2 x Intel Xeon W-2145 Octa-Core Skylake W 128 GB RAM , 2x 4 TB SSD hdds

Monthly expenditures for server rentals will be about $1000. Of course, we also pay our staff to run them.

* Estimated scaling plan for hardware

We are ready to add servers, history nodes, and anything else to assure smooth growth of the WAX eco-system. We’ve done this with EOSIO, with the Jungle Testnet, and we’ll do it for WAX.

* Community benefit project outline

Demo projects to encourage development and gaming on WAX:

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
Kolobok breeding game:

Deployment of an easy-to-use digital asset standard for NFTs and FTs:

Simple Assets and Simple Market:

* A list of Telegram and node names for community testnet participation


* Your thoughts on:

– Governance

Blockchain infrastructure has gotten out ahead of usage, so we don’t yet feel the importance of governance. It will be tested after there is heavy blockchain usage, and Governance will be the most important distinguishing factor between chains. It’s a great foundation for any chain to get governance right — that means being well-thought-out, consistent, relevant, and clearly communicated.

– Transparency and accountability

We believe in exceeding the standards of transparency and accountability. As far as we know, we are the only eosio mainnet BPs to have consistently issued detailed financial disclosures.

– Security

Security is multi facetted. You need a good technical team for good IT security. Design also helps. Simple tools which help regular users prevent a lot of costly vulnerabilities.

– Infrastructure

We believe that bare metal servers, and the know-how to run them are superiod, but a good chain has some mix of cloud servers as well. Furthermore, we think that it’s important to run history nodes and other tools to support the eco-system.

– Other topics you feel are important for WAX Guilds candidates to address

Being communicative and ready to help.